Beta Release 1

Shoot N' Spell is now available for early-release on Android.  


It is an edutainment game (entertainment with educational value) that  blends an arcade shooter and spelling. The game is targeted towards kids 4 and above ((ages 4 to 6 may need some assistance from parents) who want to prove their spelling might. Below are the major features of the game.

  • Top-Down View with cockpit controls for navigation and weapons
  • Continuous waves of asteroids, blocks, and enemy ships
  • Power ups to restore health, increase firepower, absorb damage, and teleport out of danger.
  • 7 achievable ranks (Cadet, Pilot, Ace, Chief, Captain, Commander, and Master).
  • 10 levels with 200 possible words to spell
  • 3 levels of difficulty


Please download and provide any feedback you can. The focus is on finding bugs (performance, graphical) but suggestions are welcomed. 


There is one more planned release in September before the expected final release in October. That release will be on here as well as the Play Store.

Thank you.



Shoot&Spell.apk 40 MB
Aug 31, 2019

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