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Test your spelling skills in this  arcade space shooter.

If you enjoy blasting asteroids and enemy ships and would like to prove your spelling skills,  then Shoot & Spell is the game for you.   

Our galaxy has become overrun with asteroids, enemy ships, and most annoyingly, letter blocks.  Your mission is to  spell the words assigned to you in each area of the galaxy.   There are ten areas, denoted as levels in your main screen, and each one is filled with asteroids and rogue blocks. But beware, some  areas are occupied by enemy ships responsible for the chaos and will not hesitate to fire on you.

As you spell words  and earn experience points, you will gain rank, increase stats and unlock new power ups.  The power ups  are hidden in random asteroids, so fire at will. 

Mission Overview:

  • Top-Down View with cockpit controls for navigation and weapons
  • Continuous waves of asteroids, blocks, and enemy ships
  • Power ups to restore health, increase firepower, absorb damage, and teleport out of danger.
  • 7 achievable ranks (Cadet, Pilot, Ace, Chief, Captain, Commander, and Master).
  • 10 levels with 200 possible words to spell
  • 3 levels of difficulty 
    • Easy - see & hear the words
    • Normal - see the  words for 10 seconds & hear the words
    • Hard - only hear the words

So, recruit, are you ready?

Content Rating: Everyone (Contains cartoon violence)


Shoot & Spell 37 MB
Shoot & Spell Privacy Policy 7 kB

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